Pixelr Automatic Microhardness Tester

For automatic measurement of hardness in metals and other materials. This modular system can accommodate load ranging from 1gf to 3000gf in 12 steps.

Pixelr PHT X5 can be configured with motorized scanning stage, motorized focusing option to make the tester Fully Automatic Micro Hardness Tester. You can select the basic Hardness tester module and step wise upgrade to a Semi-Automatic Tester to a Completely Automatic Testing Station.

Standards : ASTM E 384 / ISO 6507 / JIS B 7725
Options :
Digital Micro Hardness Tester (Measurement by eyepiece)
Semi-Automatic Micro Hardness Tester – PHT X3 ( Auto Measure – Micrometer Stage)
Fully Automatic Micro Hardness Tester – PHT X5 (Auto Measure-Motorized Stage-Auto Focus )

Fully Automatic Microhardness Tester

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Automatic Microhardness Tester


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