Pixelr Vision is a modular Image analysis system offers may important applications in the field of Material Science, Engineering and Bio Science. You can select the modules you need for your application and can customize the system for your day to day work flow. Pixelr Vision is designed to produce reliable results with minimal operator intervention. Also to produce repeatable results across operators and geo locations. It stand as a preferred solution for Industries in Global market having operations across the globe.

Most Popular modules Grain Size Analysis, Inclusion Rating Analysis, Weld Measurement, Area / Volume Fraction analysis, Porosity Analysis and many more. Pixler can offer any Customized Application module based on the customer specific requirement. You can expect an automatic solution for your application from Pixelr Vision.

Start with a single application in manual mode and upgrade Pixelr Vision to multi-application solution in semi auto or completely automatic motorized solution.


Grain Size Analysis

This application module developed with machine learning methodology to produce accurate results in almost every type of microstructure like Austenite Grains, Martensite Grains, Network Grains, Ferrite, Pearlite Grains etc. The innovative algorithms of Pixelr Vision helps to measure grain size even in most difficult structure like structures having bands dark and bright zones, having mixture of very large and very small grains etc..

You can select the standard and method ( Intercept, Planimetry, Grain Diameter etc ) and perform the measurement. The unique grain boundary reconstruction algorithm helps in easily segmenting the grains and perform measurement to achieve more reliable results This makes Pixelr Vision stand tall against others in the market.

Standard Methods :
ASTM E 112
DIN 50601
ISO 643

Grain Size

Area / Volume Fraction

The Area / volume Fraction module is the most widely used module in Pixelr Vision family. It has 16 adoptable bitplanes to threshold upto 16 separate types distinct feature groups. Select a customized application called method from the dropdown list and perform automatic fraction analysis. The volume fraction is performed as per ASTM E 562 point count method.

Either select any in built method from existing modules or ask Pixelr support team to build one customized application for you. Which can be used for your sample types to produce reliable repeatable results. This flexibility helps in producing results according to g to various standards. You can generate professional reports for your analysis in MS Excel or in PDF format.

Cast Iron Analysis

Cast Iron Analysis module of Pixelr performs graphite type and size distribution Analysis as well as the microstructure analysis in almost all types of Cast Iron material like SG Iron, Gray Iron, CG Iron etc. You can select the sample type and the standard to follow and perform the test and produce reports with data, statistics and graph adhering to the international standards. System also allows to track and select the features and re-classify them if required. Hence you can expect an accurate and comprehensive report on your sample.

Standards :
ASTM A 247
ISO 945



Flakes Analysis

Inclusion Rating Analysis in Steel

Technical Cleanliness of Steel denotes the amount of Non Metallic Inclusions present in Steel. Various methods are adopted by International Standards to quantify the non metallic Inclusion Content in steel. Pixler Vision’s Inclusion Rating module quantifies the inclusion content by using most popular international standards in optical microscopy method. This module scans the sample for the desired area and automatically segregates the types of inclusion like Sulfides, Alumina, Silicate, Globular Oxide and Oxy-Sulfides etc.. as per the protocol defined by the standards and finally computes with rating. These complex tests are performed with simplicity in an automatic manner and comprehensive report is generated with all finer details. You can measure, track each inclusion, you can verify or re-classify and generate Report.

Standard Methods :
ASTM E 45, Methods A, C, D
DIN 50602 Methods M, K1, K2, K3, K4
ISO 4967 Method A, B

 JIS G 0555 Method A, B

EN 10247 (To be Released)

Products & Services

Pixelr Vision : Grain Size / Fraction / Inclusion Rating / Cast Iron

Pixelr Imaging : Capture, Measure, Compare and Report

Pixelr Particle Size Analyser : ISO 16232 / VDA 19 / ISO 4406 / 4407 / USP 788 / 1788 / NAS 1638 / SAE 749 / USER DEFINED

Pixelr HT Microhardness Tester : Semi- Automatic and Fully Automatic