Image Acquisition, Measurement, Report

Pixelr Imaging the most handy tool to capture most desired image from a microscope. The advanced imaging tools helps to capture clear and crisp image from microscope or any other optical devise through the Pixelr digital camera. You can acquire images, perform linear measurement, can generate

Linear measurement
Image stitching
Extended Depth of Focus – 3DF
Mask Creation
Judgement OK / NG
Generate Report

Product features

Capturing and Measurement

Welding Measurement Application

XDF / 3DF / Mosaics

High Resolution Imaging

Products & Services

Pixelr Vision : Grain Size / Fraction / Inclusion Rating / Cast Iron

Pixelr Imaging : Capture, Measure, Compare and Report

Pixelr Particle Size Analyser : ISO 16232 / VDA 19 / ISO 4406 / 4407 / USP 788 / 1788 / NAS 1638 / SAE 749 / USER DEFINED

Pixelr HT Microhardness Tester : Semi- Automatic and Fully Automatic